Week of April 2

We’ve had a fun and busy week in the Bunny room! We are finishing up our Five Senses unit this week and starting to talk about Spring. The children worked on completing their ‘five senses’ book by creating a cover, signing their name (the author) and helping to put their book together. We also had a taste test this week (we ran out of time last week) where the children sampled sweet, sour, salty, and bitter foods and made a graph of their likes and dislikes. We read Wake Up, It’s
Spring by Lisa Campbell Ernst and Are You Spring? by Caroline Pitcher on Thursday and talked about some of the seasonal changes that happen in Springtime. The children painted colorful kites at the art table and we looked for signs of Spring outside on the playground. 
Gym with Coach Kate is still the highlight of the week for the Bunny class. They love to run, jump, and move! Coach Kate’s schedule is changing and gym class will be switching back and forth between Tuesday and Thursday for the rest of the year. It would be helpful if you made sure your child has his/her sneakers in their backpack whenever they come to school so they will be ready for gym class.
As a reminder, parent/teacher conferences will be held during the week of April 9 – 13. Please return your conference schedule as soon as possible, if you haven’t already. Conferences are a great way to talk about the progress your child has made over the last few months and to talk about any concerns. I’m looking forward to meeting with each one of you! Also, COF morning Preschool will be closed the following week, April 16 – 20, as it is school vacation week. And, finally, save-the- date for our Bunny breakfast which will be Thursday May 10 th at 9:00. More information will follow.
Thank you! Have a great weekend!

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