Week of January 16

We’ve had a great week in the Bunny room! Because of the cold morning temperatures, we’ve spent more time inside lately and the children have been really engaged in play in the classroom. They love to play with trains and cars, building toys, and in the housekeeping area “cooking” food. They like to play with play dough and work at the writing center. They also enjoy the different manipulatives that we set out in the classroom like pattern blocks, pegs, puzzles, and building toys. In the midst of all this play and exploration they are working on social skills: learning to share toys and ideas, take turns, communicate and cooperate with others, and make friends.

We continued our Winter theme this week. The children enjoyed creating their own snowmen using different collage materials after we read the book, Snowballs, by Lois Ehlert. In her book, the author uses a variety of different materials to create some fun (and funny) snow people, and the children did as well. As we talked about snowmen we reinforced the concept of small, medium, and large and also enjoyed a snowman counting game. Another great book we read this week was The Mitten, by Jan Brett. This beautifully illustrated folktale tells the story of too many animals packed into a boy’s mitten lost in the snow. The children made their own pair of mittens at the art table and we played some mitten matching games. We also made some white (ish) palydough for snowman and snowball making. It’s been a fun week!

Thank you and have a great weekend!

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