Week of December 10

This week in the Bunny class we finished up our unit on colors and began a short unit about shapes. We did some eye dropper art on Tuesday. The children learned to use eye droppers (not so easy!) to draw up colored water and then squirt onto a coffee filter. The colors mix and blend together making a very colorful art project. They also worked together to paint a color wheel to hang in our classroom. On Thursday we began our unit on shapes, focusing on circles. The children did some printing with a variety of circles and paint, and created some very colorful designs. They also enjoyed using shape stamps and ink. They played with shape blocks, pattern blocks, and shape puzzles this week, too. They love to play with play dough and have also been enjoying painting at the easel. Every area of the classroom, including the dramatic play area, the writing center, blocks and manipulatives, sensory materials, cars and trains, the art center, and the science center is busy every day with children playing, exploring, and learning. They are a wonder!

Our holiday break is coming up very fast! The Bunny class will be closed from Monday, December 24th through Tuesday, January 1st. Our class will resume on Thursday, January 3rd, 2019. On behalf of all the teachers, I want to thank all the parents for the delicious food you provided for the teacher appreciation brunch. It was wonderful and truly appreciated by all of us at COF. Thank you!

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