Children’s Center (Infants/Toddler) Tuition Schedule and Policies 2021-2022


Monthly Tuition – The non-refundable tuition is payable on the first of the month in advance of service.  These rates are subject to change with or without notice. Hours given are per day. Daily hours that fall between those in the schedule are rounded up to the next given hours.   Full day hours are 8AM to 5PM.  These schedule offerings are being made with the hope that we will be able to return to pre-COVID programming in September.  Final decisions will depend in EEC mandates and the COVID climate as of 8/1/2021.  These hours of operation and rates are subject to change.

Teddy Bear Program - Infants

Number of Days

Full Day



5 days




4 days




3 days




2 days



$ 1,205

Penguin Program – Young Toddlers

Number of Days

Full Day



5 days




4 days

$2, 216



3 days




2 days

$ 1,302

$ 1,212

$ 1,131

Ladybug Program – Older Toddlers

Number of Days

Full Day



5 days




4 days




3 days




2 days

$ 1,199

$ 1,124

$ 1,057

Ladybug Program – Jr. Preschoolers approx. 2 yrs. to Preschool Age

Registration Fee – An initial registration fee of $100 per child is required at the time a registration form is submitted.  An annual re-registration fee of $100 per child is due by August 3rd to secure the child’s place for the following September if the child remains registered through the summer. All outstanding fees and deposits must be paid in full prior to registration.  Registration fees for the Children’s Center and Preschool are non-refundable and are limited to a maximum of $200 per family per year.

Deposit – If Circle of Friends is able to accommodate your child a tuition deposit in the amount of the child’s monthly tuition is due at the time of registration. This deposit will hold the child’s place in the program. The deposit less any outstanding charges will be returned following the child’s departure from school, assuming conditions for return of deposit are met (see Withdrawal). The tuition deposit is forfeited if the child does not start the program for which they are registered.

Delay of Enrollment –  If a child does not start at the Center on the starting date specified on the registration form, the full tuition is assessed from this date in order to hold the child’s place. Full tuition is also due in the case where a parent chooses to start with a reduced schedule.

Sibling Discount – A sibling discount of 5% is applied to the least expensive regular tuition charge. Sibling discounts do not apply to additional hours or special programs.

Additional Hours – Space permitting, temporary additional hours can be arranged by contacting the Assistant Director. Your child’s regular set hours, however, can not fluctuate to accommodate temporary changes.  Charges, assessed in half-hour increments, are due on the day of service. Please check with office regarding hourly rates.

Change of Program – Space permitting, permanent increases in a child’s regular schedule may be made immediately by completing a Change of Program form. Tuition rates will be prorated for the effective date of the change. Permanent reductions in a registered program may be approved with one month’s notice and will only take effect at the start of a month, except during a shutdown. Temporary schedule changes cannot be accommodated, except through the use of additional floating hours and if a child reduces their program mid year, Circle of Friends cannot accept a deposit (or reserve a spot) for re-enrollment in advance.

Holidays – Holidays are taken into account when setting the yearly tuition. Tuition for those months containing holidays is charged at the regular rate and is not reduced. The Children’s Center will be closed on the following days during the school year: See school calendar for actual dates

Labor Day                                      Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Columbus Day                               President’s Day
Thanksgiving Day                          2 Prof. Development Days (usually in March/August)
Day after Thanksgiving                  Patriots Day
Christmas Eve and Day                 Memorial Day
New Years Eve and Day                Independence Day

Illness and other Absences – Because of staff scheduling requirements, credit or refunds are not given for illness or other absences, including vacations.

Emergency Building Closures – In the event of severe weather conditions, closing the school is up to the discretion of the director.  A detailed message will be left on the school answering machine by 6am (508)877-2593 and an email will be sent to parents by 6:30am.  If the building has to close early due to an internal building emergency or state of emergency declared by the governor, parents will be notified immediately via email/phone.  Full tuition is due for months in which emergency conditions require the center to close.

Late Pick-up Fee – Unless a Change of Registration form is submitted, or arrangements for temporary additional hours have been made, parents will be expected to drop-off and pick-up children at the time specified on their registration form. If a parent is late in picking up a child a late charge of $2.00 per minute late will be charged to their account.

Late Payment and Returned Check Fees – Monthly tuition payments are due on or before the first day of the month in advance of service. A late payment fee of $20 will be assessed for each month in which the payment is more than 10 days overdue. A fee of $20 will also apply for returned checks. Tuition checks can be mailed or dropped off in the office by the first day of the month.

Withdrawal –Notification of withdrawal must be in writing and received at least 30 days prior to a child’s withdrawal from the program. Withdrawal will be effective the last day of the month for accounting purposes. (Tuition will not be prorated for withdrawal mid-month). If these conditions are met, the deposit less any outstanding charges will be returned following the child’s last day.  Once a child withdraws or reduces their program mid year, Circle of Friends cannot accept a deposit (or reserve a spot) for re-enrollment in advance.  Withdrawal during an extended shut down will result in the loss of your tuition deposit and your child’s spot when we reopen. If you wish to return, your child will be put on a waiting list; re-enrollment is not guaranteed.

Circle of Friends does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, disability, cultural heritage, political belief, marital status, gender, or sexual orientation.


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