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TeddyBearRoomTeddy-Bear Room

May 2017

We had April showers both inside and outside this past month. The children had fun dipping their toes in paint and dabbing to decorate umbrellas. Quite a few giggled while they painted. Last month we needed to clear our room for part of the day so Zoe and Isabelle could practice walking behind push toys across the floor. Alexandra and Evan are pulling up to stand so we will need more push toys very soon.

Now that we are getting outside our Teddy Bears get to see their brothers and sisters on the playground. Ellis gets Colette laughing by playing peek-a- boo right up in her face. Quinn likes to stand near Hadley putting her pacifier back in her mouth whenever it falls out. Stone is always so happy to see Rose he gets her smiling by acting silly.

April showers of course bring May flowers and that is our theme this month. We will make flowers and bees to decorate the room. Real and silk flowers will provide nice texture experiences. There are lots of children’s songs about spring and flowers for us to listen to. Finally, of course, new spring flower shakers, everyone’s favorite.

Sadly, we say goodbye to our friend Zoe who is now a Penguin. We welcome Azra, who’s sister Hazal is a Little Chick. That makes 3 Little Chicks (Hazal, Mark, Quinn) with Teddy Bear siblings! They love to open the adjoining door and look in.

Just a note, whenever possible please send in plastic containers instead of glass just in case of accidental drops.

We are going to try a new system for letting you know when you are low on supplies. Every Friday we will take inventory and attach a list of whatever is needed. Hopefully this will prove to be more efficient.


penguinPenguin Classroom

May 2016

What a wonderful past few weeks. The children have enjoyed going outside and taking deep breaths of that fresh spring air. With the weather getting warmer and the sun shining please remember to apply sunscreen before bringing your child to school every morning. Also, please bring in a labeled bottle of sunscreen to keep at school. Every afternoon if we go out side the teachers will reapply before going outside to the playground.

April Review

This month our thematic unit was everything spring. The children made handprint flowers, footprint ducks and footprint chicks. We spent time decorating the walls of our classroom with umbrellas, footprint butterflies, dot marker butterflies, wind chimes and paper plate ladybugs. We read lots of spring themed books this month as well. Some of our favorites were It’s Spring, Mouse’s First Spring and Countdown to Spring. When we were not reading we listened to music and sang songs every day.

Upcoming Events

May 27 – Hugh Hanley

May 30 – Bulding Closed Memorial Day

Monthly Curriculum Outline

This month we will begin our Color Unit.


Color Sponge Painting

Color Collages

Rainbow in a bag

Color Sensory table

Color Senosry Bottles


Duck & Goose Colors

Bear Sees Colors

Little Quack Loves Colors

Spot Looks at Colors




May 2017

For the next few weeks we will be exploring the ocean! We will talk about who lives there and what we would see “down under.” We will listen to ocean themed songs, perfect our crab walks and even have a beach day! Circle time is where we do the most talking, so we will be reading stories about the ocean and discuss what may live in the ocean or what we see when we go to the beach. The ladybugs love doing hands on projects to show them what the ocean is all about!

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