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March 2018

We hope your babies enjoyed their first Olympic experience! It’s
crazy to think they will be around 4 years old at the next Winter
As we observe your children throughout the months one of the most amazing areas of their personalities and development is their social skills. Even at their young ages they enjoy each other and have friendships. When Drew sees Azra climb into the cave, he will happily head over and climb in next to her. Harrison is so happy and will even squeal when Addison or Ellie sit next to him to play. The girls also love reaching into the baskets and playing with the pop-up toys together. Vanessa loves to stand and play at the activity table when another friend is also there with her. Even our youngest Luke and Amaya enjoy when they are surrounded by friends smiling at them. It is amazing to watch when they are holding shakers, they will actually synchronize shaking together. When Azra starts clapping when we sing songs, Ellie, Addison, Harrison, Vanessa, and Drew will watch her then start clapping too. The other side of all the love is that they take toys from each other, and often only want the toy their friend has. Some of you get to see how happy they are to see each other at drop off. And how they interact when you pick them up. It just shows how children are naturally social. The Teddy Bear room is their first introduction to social skills. As they grow they will learn the art of
navigating the increasingly complex social world. Wait till they learn the word, “mine!”

March, being Theodore Geisel’s birthday, is Dr. Seuss month. We will be making star bellied sneetches, and green eggs and ham To decorate our walls. We will listen to music from the show Seussical, as well as other Dr. Seuss related songs. A star bellied sneetch will be our texture visitor for the month. March is a special month in that we have a secondary theme for our in-room bulletin board, which is college basketball’s March Madness tournament. Although Lisa lives and dies by how her beloved Syracuse does, she will include any of your teams on the board, too, so let her know. We are hoping to get outside a lot in March so please send in whatever coats are appropriate for the weather. When it gets nice and warm we will ask for sun lotion, even though we try to keep them in the shade as much as possible.


penguinPenguin Classroom

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March 2018

For the next few weeks we will be exploring spring! We will talk about changes that occur during the season and study plants, flowers and grass. Outside will watch for animals and bugs to observe. Squirrels, chipmunks and birds are a daily sight! We love to find bugs to follow outside and we will talk about the different kinds of bugs we see; ladybugs, spiders, ants, ect.
We will create handprint flowers, tissue paper suns, nature collage and many more projects to brighten the room with! During circle time we will read I See Spring, Wake Up It’s Spring and our favorite MUD! We will sing the famous Ladybug song, Mister Golden Sun and Rain Rain Go Away for those wet days we are stuck inside.

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