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December 2017

Hard to believe it is the last month of 2017. What an exciting year it has been for your families and children. December will go by so fast, but we will jam pack it with activities and fun.

November was the first time we ever did a space theme and it was a lot of fun. We actually had a favorite planets rap song that had Colette, Hadley, and Azra bopping and rocking through lunches. Vanessa recently joined the older girls in the big kids chairs for lunch, and she is on the move….so far just in reverse. Drew can drag himself forward now, but continuously gets stuck under chairs, jumpers, and in the house. We find ourselves rescuing both Vanessa and Drew throughout the whole room (after taking pictures of course). We did a lot of painting last month, even our newest and youngest friend, Addison, liked the texture and feel of the smooth paint on her feet. We did ban Harrison from going anywhere near the paint on the day he wore all white, but he eventually got to make his alien. Ellie really found her voice over this last month as she joins the ranks of the happy-loud chatters. We did go outside quite a bit in November, as well as spent some time down at the play space, the center’s indoor playroom. Colette, Hadley, and Azra enjoyed exploring this new area and toys.

December’s theme is snow fun. The children will paint snow scenes and snow globes. Cotton balls will be nice soft texture experiences. Our soundtrack will be an eclectic mix from Frosty the Snowman and Let it Snow, to Hazy Shade of Winter along with songs from Frozen.

We sadly say goodbye to our friend Colette, who is now a Penguin (we will see her at the play space). We welcome Lucas, who is now our youngest Teddy Bear.

**** Let’s hope the only snow we have in December is in our classroom!!****

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