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October 2018

With fall in full swing we were able to get outside a lot in September, sometimes multiple times a day. It was a very fun month. Amaya our little copy- cat is not just copying our sounds, but is actually saying words! Shay perfected her army crawl and quickly made it through the tunnel! Her mom even got to witness her first tunnel crossing. She now likes to crawl after Amaya. Cal can sit up by himself and play, although after a while he sometimes, ever so slowly tips over,
so we keep a pillow close by. The world of toys has now opened up for Andy as he recently figured out how to grasp ahold of them. Jasper is our little peanut who is alert to everything happening around him. Just say his name and, “hello”, and he will smile easily for the camera!

October is a sports fan’s dream with all 5 NE professional sport teams playing. So, of course our theme will be sports! (note: with Shay’s daddy being a Boston College football coach they have been included in our NE sports bulletin board) The Teddy bears will be painting turf fields, balls, and ice hockey sticks. Lots of texture experience with all types of balls. Our music selections will range from Put Me in Coach, Sweet Caroline, and Centerfield, to We Are The Champions. We will have fun sports theme shakers.
Sadly, we say a goodbye to Amaya and her family as they are moving this month. At least she will be here to celebrate her first birthday on the 3 rd . This week we welcome a new friend, Colin, and in a couple of weeks Nyx will join us.

In October it is our turn to decorate the bulletin board on the left when you first walk into the center. So be sure to check out your Teddy Bears in a pumpkin themed board. October is our developmental assessment month. We will fill out a developmental checklist on each child as an interesting snippet at what your children have mastered, what they are working on, and what is ahead. We do this every 3 months. You will get a copy.

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