cubsWeek of September 18

With the observance of Rosh Hashanah on Thursday and Friday this week, we had only 3 days of school. We crammed a lot into a short time!

We are continuing to celebrate “Us:” our uniquenesses and similarities. You may have noticed that our questions of the week this week gave opportunities to learn about one another and describe ourselves; these will continue next week too. We read a wonderful book called The Colors of Us and the children started one of our all-time favorite projects: mirror painting. Each child will have a turn to paint him/herself directly on a full-length mirror. Once the painting is complete, we smooth a piece of paper over the length of it to make a print of the painting. The results are really stunning (and the children think it’s magic when the painting appears on the paper!). The children love the idea of painting on a mirror and really take their time with their creations. As you can imagine, it will take us a while to get through all 14 Cubs. Once we have them all we will hang them in the classroom. We also read a book called It’s Okay to Be Different and talked about what makes each of us special. We read Wemberly Worried because we absolutely love the author, Kevin Henkes, and because the subject matter is something that all of the children can relate to.

The children completed a multi-step cutting and collaging project. First they cut out bears, next they cut out shirts for the bears to wear, and, finally, they decorated them. We are going to add some special features to the bears next week and display them in the room.

We are working on completing our Beginning of the Year interviews with the children. Some of their responses are so funny! We now know which parents spend the day at work doing “nothing,” and which ones spend all day “eating chocolate!”

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