cubsWeek of January 22

Our classroom is looking more and more like a jungle as we dive deeper into our Rainforest Unit. This week the children traced and cut fronds to make palmated kapok leaves to create the emergent layer and did a cooperative loofah painting activity to create leaves for the canopy. We read about Harpy Eagles, one of Earth’s fiercest raptors, and the children designed their own Harpy Eagle chicks (they are MUCH cuter than the adult birds!) and nests. These will be added to our emergent layer. The children also colored and cut out lizards and parrots. Mrs. Ward put together our rainforest hut, and the children have been taking turns playing in it. There is a selection of rainforest stuffed animals, plastic foods, binoculars, and cameras in the hut. It is fascinating to listen to the children while they play there. They are
incorporating information that they are learning about the rainforest into their imaginative play. Our rainforest CD plays during every project time, adding to the jungle atmosphere. We read the book If I Ran the Rain Forest and the children were introduced to the idea that we need to work together to protect the rainforests. We will explore this further over the next few weeks. Everyone looked so cute and cozy on our school-wide Pajama Day. We had a feast of mini bagels and yogurt for snack and were read to by Mrs. Frank, one of the children’s librarians from the McAuliffe Library. It was a wonderful end to a busy week.

COMING UP: . . . Letter Oo . . . the rainforest canopy . . .

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