cubsWeek of April 2

We are learning so much from and having so much fun with our Ocean unit! This week we read two more books about sea stars: Prickly Sea Stars and Star of the Sea. One was a true science book, with photographs, and the other was a factual book with a story style. The children thought it was “cool” that there were two different types of fact books to learn from. Next we read two books about jellyfish: one called Jellyfish and one called Gooey Jellyfish. We learned that the top part of a jellyfish is called the bell and that they have tentacles that they use to catch prey and protect themselves. The children used eye droppers and liquid watercolor paints and large coffee filters to create beautifully-decorated jellyfish. We added crepe paper tentacles and will hang them above our classroom ocean. We read a cool guessing book called Ocean Animals from Head to Tail and were introduced to several other ocean animals. We pulled out an ABC matching game that challenged children to “fish” for capital letters to match either to other capital letters or the lowercase letters. Ms. Kelly created a rhyming game with a shark theme that she played with
small groups of Cubs. We put Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor in the Listening Center. Last, but not least, I found several videos of life under the sea for the children to watch.
Our Letter of the Week this week was Vv. We brainstormed 50 words! Makenzie’s dad, Erik brought his violin to share with us. He taught the children about the different parts of a violin and how they work and gave us a short concert. We love bringing the “real world” into the classroom this way. The children started making small, individual volcanoes out of Model Magic. Next week they will paint them and we will “erupt” them. We had vegetables, Veggie Straws, and vanilla pudding for snack.
COMING UP: . . . Letter Ww . . . sea horses . . . whales . . .

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