cubsWeek of September 24

Finally, a five-day week! Many of our activities this week centered around discovering more similarities and differences between the children. Even our Questions of the Day had that focus, asking things like “Do you have brown eyes?” and “Do you have straight hair?” The children worked on several projects around the same theme. They are taking turns painting themselves on a full-length mirror. Once the painting is complete, we put a large sheet of paper over it and make a print. The results are hanging in the classroom. This project is so much fun and has a magical quality. We have been impressed by the time, care, and effort the children have been putting into their paintings (and, in fact, all of their work!). It will take some time for all 17 children to complete the project; they are trying hard to wait patiently
for their turn. The children also created likenesses of themselves on paper plates using skin color crayons, foam pieces, and yarn. These are hanging on the window between Rooms 5 and 6, along with what the children have told us they would like to learn during their year in the Cubs class. They used hand mirrors to carefully examine their eyes and then used crayons to color eye-shaped cut outs to attach to a graph about eye color. Some of the children were curious, so we talked about the structure of the eye (pupil, iris, and sclera). They love learning words like that! Books that we read included The Colors of Us, All the Colors of the Earth, Children From Around the World, You Are Not Small, and It’s Okay to Be Different.

Other highlights this week: we talked a bit about the full moon and the beginning of Fall (we will go more in-depth when it actually feels like Fall for more than one day in a row!); the children had an opportunity to play an ABC treasure hunt game (we hid foam ABC puzzle pieces in a tub of pom poms and they searched for them and replaced them in the puzzle frames); we talked about the number 10 and looked at how its made (“if we turn over 5 cards in a row of 10, how many are left to turn over before we get to 10?”); and we taught the children a new song that we sing some days to start our Morning Meetings. We taught the song in Spanish, English, and ASL. There are only 4 words in the song: hello, everyone, yes, and friends. We have a request for you: if you know those four words in another language, please send them to us with easy-to-decipher transliteration, and we will teach them to the children. You just have to promise not to criticize our accents!

COMING UP: . . . more about us . . . Fall . . .

*In addition to helping your child put her/his lunchbox in the lunchbox box, please also help him/her put their water cup on the tray on the shelf behind where the lunchboxes go. Please make sure your child’s cup is labelled.

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