ducklingsWeek of April 9

Our annual breakfast preparations are well under way.  We have been busy creating placemats for the breakfast tables and invitations, which will go home after school vacation week.  Due to classroom size constraints, each child may invite one adult guest. This week, we will begin working on our centerpieces, beautiful, hand-made spring flowers.

We will also begin our unit on life cycles.  Through literature and discussion, we will discover how different animals and insects go through their life cycles.  The children will learn about the life cycles of ladybugs, frogs, baby birds, rabbits, horses and more. We will create birds using feathers and recycled paper.   Our literature will consist of See Me Grow, Lady Bug Life Cycle, Frog Life Cycle, Horse Life Cycle, Bugs, and more.    Our vocabulary words will include aphid, mammals, amphibian, reptile, hen and litter.             

Spring conferences will take place the week of May 7th   Schedules will go home the week of April 16th.  We will use the fall schedule as a guide, but can be flexible to meet your needs.

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