ducklingsWeek of May 8

This week we will complete our telescopes and night skies. The children are having fun learning to identify all of the constellations. We will then journey to the moon and explore our amazing planets. We will learn the mysteries of space and how the solar system was formed. We will brainstorm questions such as “ what would it be like to be the first kid on the moon”. We will create rocket ships to travel to the moon. We will also bake star cookies.

In the coming weeks we will be visiting individual planets and comparing the differences of weather and oxygen. Can a human live in on this planet ? Would you visit this planet ? These are all questions we will brainstorm. We will also use our imagination to create our own idea of an alien being. Each child will describe what planet their alien came from and what space craft they used to fly around.

Our literature will include “ Aliens in Underwear Save The world, Is Their Life In Other Planets?., Literature On Individual Planets, The Moon Book and first kid on the moon.”

We will create planets using eyedropper art. Our vocabulary words will be, Orbit, Astronomer, Solar Eclipse, Core, Lunar, Crust, Gravity, Oxygen and more.

Our PJ party will be Thursday may 18th and Friday the 20th. We will have pancake, bagel snacks. Children may bring a bed time stuffed animal if they wish.

Invitations to our breakfast, Friday May 26 th 9-10 am have gone home. We look forward to see whom each child will bring as their special guest.

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