ducklingsWeek of October 1

This week we will begin our unit on autumn.  Our activities in the coming weeks will include pumpkins, falling leaves and autumn wreaths.  We will discover what is inside a pumpkin and why leaves change color.
This week we will create jack-o-lanterns, through the process of marble painting.  Marble painting is a popular activity.  It is very exciting to dump paint and marbles over paper in a bucket and see their masterpieces come alive as they shake, rock and roll.  They love it!!!  Ms Erica will carve a pumpkin with the children to discover what is inside the pumpkin.  We will also bake pumpkin bread.  This will be our first baking experience of the year.  This should prove to be very interesting.  Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather.
Thanks   Kathy and Erica
gym  – Monday and Tuesday
music–jammin  Wed Oct 3rd and 17th  lunch bunch  -Tues Oct 2nd

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