ducklingsWeek of January 29

“ A Hunting We Will Go.”   This week will be spent preparing for and engaging in our bear hunt.  The children will create binoculars and maps, tools that will assist us in searching for a bear.  We will learn how following a map will help us reach our destination.  We will discuss compass points north, south, east and west.  We will camp out in the “wilderness” and enjoy S’mores.  I wonder if we will find any bears.

We will also discover the different survival habits of the arctic polar bear and forest brown bear.  We will read Polar Bears Dream, Copy Me -Copy Cub, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Binoculars and more.  Our next winter unit will be ice castles and alphabet name snow people.  Some of our vocabulary words will consist of cub, ice, hibernation, glacier, Arctic, polar bear and den.

Thanks          Kathy and Kim

Gym              Wednesday and Thursday

  • Please note:  Due to a change in Coach Kate’s schedule, gym will not always fall on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please refer to the following schedule.

Week of January 29:  Wednesday and Thursday

Week of February 5:  Tuesday and Wednesday

Week of February 12:  Monday and Tuesday

Week of February 19:  NO GYM-Vacation (camp) week

Week of February 26:  Tuesday and Wednesday

Lunch Bunch  Tuesday  January 30, 2018

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