ducklingsWeek of December 4

The children rallied to the challenge of cutting and gluing windows and doors to decorate their houses.  Please feel free to pop in and see these pride filled houses.  

This week, as part of our home unit, we will match numbers on telephones and clocks.  We will brainstorm the impact time and communications play in our lives.  The children will use flash cards with their phone numbers and addresses to help them learn these essential pieces of information.  We will create a collage of items found in the home and continue to play the match the item to the room activity.  Other activities will be magnetic numbers on our board as well as number puzzles.  We will also bake potatoes in the shape of numbers and alphabets.

We will read The Door Bell Rings, The House That Jack Built, A Home For MeGrandma’s House, and The Napping House.

Our vocabulary words will include: residence, address, shelter, boroughs, den, sturdy, communication and AM and PM.

Thanks,  Kathy and Kim

Gym:   Tuesday and Wednesday

Lunch Bunch: Wednesday, December 6; Thursday, December 14; Monday, December 18 and Thursday, December 28

Hugh Hanley  Friday, December 8


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