ducklingsWeek of January 2

It is hard to fathom that we are entering the second part of the school year.  Erica and I look forward to a healthy, joyful and fun 2019 for your children.  This week we will begin our unit on family.  We will discover that there are many different types of families that love and care for each other.  Some of our activities will include our family circle, which will represent the unending bond that is formed by a family.  We will also include family charts, family portraits and our own family tree.
This week we wil begin our family circles, fostering pride and importance each child has in each of their families.  We will paint and decorate tubes to represent each family member.  Our literature will include ” My Family Book, On The Day I Was Born, What Is A Family?, A Chair For Mother snd In Daddys Arms I Am Tall.”
We are requesting in the coming few weeks that each family send in a family list of close relatives.  This ensures the correct spelling of each family member.
Thanks,  Kathy and Erica
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