Little Chicks

littlechicksWeek of September 25

Fall is here! We are noticing the change in the weather (although this week looks summer-like!) and the beginning of colorful leaves on the trees. We will start our unit about Autumn by exploring apples!

    Our discussions about apples will include talking about how apples grow from buds to fruit. We will look at the star shape in the center of a cut apple, and use it for printing with paint. We will examine apple seeds with magnifying glasses and count them. We will locate the stem, skin and core of the apple.

    We will taste different kinds of apples and graph our favorites, and discover the different shapes and colors of a variety of apples.  We will bake apple muffins and practice counting, scooping and pouring while we bake. At the art table, we will paint paper apples and make an apple tree.

    We will read the books Apples, Ten Apples up on Top, The Apple Pie Tree,  Apples, Apples, Apples and It’s Fall. We will learn some poems, songs and fingerplays about apples.

Please send in a family photo that we will use for our family display for our upcoming unit about families. If you have already sent in a family photo, thank you!

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