Little Chicks


Week of December 31

 A very Happy New Year to all of the Little Chick families!

    This week we will begin our study of shapes.  Understanding shape and form is essential for the foundation of mathematics.  Children are observant, and delight in pointing out various shapes in their environment once they begin to recognize what shapes are, and what they are called.

    We will begin with the circle and also the concept of “round”.  When we announce where an activity will take place, we use descriptive words such as “the round table” or “the rectangular table” to help direct children and boost their shape understanding and vocabulary.

    During activity time, we will print with paint and circular objects, glue using round shapes, build with different shaped blocks, sort objects by shape, and identify circular and round objects in our classroom and outside. We will also notice the shapes of the snacks that we eat!

    Books will include Flaptastic Shapes, Round Is a Mooncake, Mouse Shapes, and Shapes Shapes, Shapes.

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