Little Chicks

littlechicksWeek of January 29

This will be our final week about shapes.  We will talk about triangles, ovals, hexagons and the ever-popular star and heart shapes.  The children have been enthusiastically pointing out various shapes in the room, even many that teachers have not noticed! It was particularly impressive that some children grasped the concepts of spheres, cylinders, cubes and cones last week!

    Our activities will include pom pom painting on triangles, triangle collages, starry night pictures and heart-shape printing with paint. It is so much fun to see the children who rarely chose to come to the art table blossoming into artists, thoroughly enjoying the process of making their creations. Last week, marble painting (rolling marbles around in paint inside of a box lid) was extremely popular!

    Our books will include The Wing of A Flea, Triangle, Shapes, Shapes, Shapes, Shape by Shape and My Very Silly Monster Book of Shapes.

    Thank you to everyone who has been sending in their winter gear each day!  I know it is a lot more stuff to pack every day, but it is so important for us to have outdoor playtime, and for the children to be dressed appropriately for the weather.

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