Little Chicks

littlechicksWeek of December 4

This week, we will learn about animals and birds that live in cold weather climates. We will read about polar bears, seals, walruses, penguins, arctic foxes and snowy owls.

    We will work on art projects using various materials to create cold weather animals- such as cotton balls, torn construction paper, paint, glitter and playdough.

    Books will include Who Lives in the Arctic?, Polar Bears, I Am Small, Polar Bear Night, Counting Penguins,, Hush Little Polar Bear, Busy Penguins and The Mitten.

    Now that a few months have passed, our classroom has settled into the daily routine. Children are beginning to form relationships and are busy playing together in the dramatic play area and also doing a lot of great cooperative building with blocks and Duplos. We are seeing developing communication and social skills, and some more interest in looking at books and being read to.

    Thank you to parents for sending in mittens and hats for the cold weather. Just a reminder that ALL clothing (even mittens, gloves and hats) need names on them. Many children have the same or similar items and don’t always recognize their own things. You have a much better chance of getting lost items back if they are labeled!!

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