Little Chicks

littlechicksWeek of May 22

Thank you to all of the special guests who attended our breakfast on last Wednesday! The children were so excited, and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

    We have a mere three weeks left in the regular school year!  We will continue to learn more about different kinds of insects this week. Our room has been filled with all things Spring- frogs, baby chicks, robins, birds, bees kites, growing green beans etc. Outside on the playground, inchworm collecting is a very popular activity, and we have also seen spiders, bees flies and more.

    Our books include Where Do Insects Live? Creepy Crawlers A to Z, The Roly Poly Spider, Bob and Otto, Amazing Pictures and Facts About Ladybugs.

    A couple of reminders: Hugh Hanley will be singing with us on Friday morning. Circle of Friends will be closed on Monday, May 29- Happy Memorial Day!

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