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April 2019

Dear Parents—

What a busy month we had in March! Thank you to all who were able to participate in the March Month of Raffles and the Scholastic Book Fair! Between the 2 events we were able to raise about $1,300, which will go towards updates to our classrooms. Each classroom also received a number of new books from their wish lists!

In our March newsletter information regarding social-emotional developmental milestones in children at ages 3, 4 and 5 years old was shared. This month we will visit social-emotional developmental milestones in younger children. Regardless of the age, one of the most important things that we, as educators, focus on in early childhood education is social-emotional development. A child’s social-emotional development motivates them to learn critical skills such as the ability to communicate, connect with others, resolve conflict, self-regulate, display kindness and empathy and cope with challenges. Healthy social and emotional development is key to helping children find future success both socially and academically. Below are social-emotional goals that we focus on for children at 6 months to 30 months of age. I hope you find these helpful.

Your baby at 6 months:

* Responds to your smile and sometimes laughs when looking at you.

* Responds to your soothing and comforting, and love to be touched or held close.

* Responds to your affection and may begin to show you signs of affection.

* Has improving vision, and she is getting more curious about what she sees. She enjoys watching other babies and children.

* Focuses on your voice and turns his head toward your voice. He may turn to you when you call his name.

* Will sometimes stop crying when you talk to him rather than pick him up.

* Sometimes sucks on her fingers and hands to calm herself down.

* May be frightened by loud or unfamiliar noises.

* Enjoys learning simple games such as peekaboo.

* Sometimes like quiet and being soothed. Other times, she like talking and playing.

* Plays with sounds and may babble by putting sounds together such as “ma-ma-ma.” “da-da-da,” and “ba-ba.”

* Wants you and no one else, a lot of the time!

Your baby at 12 months:

* Responds to her name when you call her.

* Is interested in other babies and children.

* Shows many emotions, such as happiness, sadness, anger, and discomfort.

* May have fears, such as fear of falling, darkness, large animals, loud sounds, or changes in routine.

* May be shy around new people or seem jealous if you pay attention to someone else.

* Responds differently to strangers than she does to family members and friends she sees a lot.

* Is becoming more independent. She may seem stubborn or frustrated when she cannot do something herself.

* Wants you in his sight all the time. He may get upset when you leave him with someone else.

* Imitates other children and adults. She may imitate sounds, actions, and facial expressions.

* Give affection by hugging and kissing. He may hug and kiss you, familiar children and adults, pets, or stuffed animals.

* Watches other people. She may respond to someone’s pain by crying or showing distress.

* Is beginning to show his likes and dislikes. He may push things away that he does not like. He may feel attached to a special toy or blanket.

Your baby at 18 months:

* Is generally happy and smiles at people, including other children.

* Likes to talk and is using more words every day!

* Likes to show affection and give hugs and kisses!

* Is showing different emotions such as fear, guilt, sympathy, modesty or embarrassment.

* Likes to do things by himself. He may seem stubborn, but this is normal.

* Likes to help with simple house-hold tasks.

* Turns to you for help when she is in trouble.

* Enjoys playing near other children but not with them just yet.

* May hand toys out to other children, but he does not understand how to share and wants the toys right back.

* Like to say, “No!” He may have a quick temper and sometimes hits when frustrated.

* Likes to be the center of attention.

* Loves to imitate others.

* Can play by herself for short periods of times.

* Has specific likes and dislikes

* Recognizes herself in pictures or mirrors.

* Loves to be held and read to, and becomes upset when separated from you.

Your child at 24 months:

* Likes to imitate you, other adults, and her friends.

* Wants to do everything by himself, even though he can’t!

* Likes to use the words “mine,” “no,” and “me do it.”

* Has many emotions, and her emotions can be very “big.” She can get angry and have temper tantrums.

* Likes to imitate you doing household tasks. He can put some of his toys away with help from you.

* Love to try new things and explore new places. But she wants to know you are nearby to keep her safe.

* Is very interested in other children. He is still learning how to play with them.

* Will play nearby other children but not really with them. She does not understand how to share her things yet.

* Has a hard time waiting and wants things right now.

* Knows her name and knows what she likes and dislikes. She may be very attached to certain things, such as a special book, toy or blanket.

* Is learning about the routines in your home but often does not remember rules.

* Loves attention from familiar adults and children but may act shy around strangers.

* Shows affection by returning a hug or kiss. He tries to comfort familiar people who are in distress.

* Enjoys simple pretend play. He may like pretending to cook or talk on the phone.

Your child at 30 months:

* Likes using her growing imagination. She likes to play with puppets, dress-up clothes, dolls, and play figures.

* Is beginning to understand others’ feelings. He is learning to identify when another child is angry or happy.

* Is beginning to learn about sharing. She does not always share but can sometimes.

* Is getting louder and bossier at times. He may talk with a loud, urgent voice.

* Can follow simple routine directions such as “Bring me your cup” and “Please go in your room and get your socks.”

* Enjoys hearing songs and stories, sometimes over and over again.

* Can identify if he thinks he is a boy or a girl.

* Greets familiar adults and is happy to see friends.

* Likes to be hugged and cuddled but not in the middle of playtime.

* Sometimes screams and throws temper tantrums.

* Wants to be independent sometimes but also wants you nearby. She will now easily leave your side if she is in familiar surroundings.

Upcoming Events—

Please remember to take a look at the parent information bulletin board in the hallway across from the Penguins and Ladybug classrooms. Information about community events for families and Circle of Friends events are posted there.

**Circle of Friends will be closed for all programs on Monday, April 15th in observance of Patriot’s Day.

**April School Vacation—April 15-20. There will be no morning 9-month Preschool or extended day program during this week.

**Annual Framingham Family Fair—April 6th 11:00-12:30 at Nevin’s Hall, Memorial Building. There will be lots of fun activities for children! Sarah and I will be there hosting the Circle of Friends table so if you are free, stop on by. Information is posted on the Parent Information Board.

**Back by very popular demand—Pajama Day—Thursday, April 25th! J

**Margarita’s Night–Thursday May 2nd at Margaritas in Framingham! It is an all-day event so eat there or get take out, present the flyer and 20% of the proceeds will go to CoF! Super easy! So mark your calendars for lunch or dinner on May 2nd at Margaritas! If you are looking for a Parents Night Out, CoF parents will be in the bar area beginning at 7:00 for some adult time.

**Dentist—We will enjoy a visit from a local dentist next week. They will be here Monday, April 8th and Tuesday, April 9th to talk to us about good dental practices!


The Preschool classes are starting to plan for the annual brunch/breakfast days in May. For those of you who are new to our school, let me provide a little information. Each child invites ONE special person to attend this wonderful event. Only one person is invited due to space constraints in the classrooms. The children do all the “cooking” and decorating. You will be receiving a special invitation soon so keep your eye out.

Here are the dates for the breakfast/brunch by classroom:

Bunnies—Thursday, May 16th 9-9:45

Little Chicks—Friday, May 10th 9-9:45

Ducks—Friday, May 17th 9-9:45

Cubs—Friday, May 31st 11:15-12:15

Owls—Friday, May 10th 9-10


Bunnies—April 22-26

Little Chicks—April 29-May 3

Ducks—April 8-12

Owls—April 22-26

Cubs—April 22-26

Information regarding conferences has been or will be distributed soon.

Music, Gym and Pizza Schedule for April:

Music with Ellie:

April 3 & 17

Music with Hugh Hanley:

April 12 & 25

Gym with Coach Kate:

April 1, 2, 8, 9, 22, 23, 29, 30

Pizza Lunch Bunch Dates for Preschoolers:

April 1, 9, 17, 25, 29

ON-GOING FUNDRAISERS—Thank you to those who have been able to participate in our on-gong fundraising efforts. With Primary, Mabel’s Labels & Amazon Smile, we have raised $160 so far this school year! Every dollar counts so thank you! J

*– features colorful baby and kid’s basics without logos, slogans or sequins.

* Mabel’s Labels–Whether you need to label your kids’ clothes or your kitchen canisters, Mabel’s Labels has all of your needs covered. Visit, click the “Support A Fundraiser” button and choose “your organization” from the list.

* Amazon Smile–Go to and 0.5% of every eligible purchase will be donated back to Circle of Friends.

* Circle of Friends– clothing, car magnets, water bottles & recyclable bags available for purchase.

As always, please feel free to contact me any time with questions, concerns or positive feedback.

Here’s to an amazing April,


From the Parent Board…

Happy Spring from the Parent Board! We had a jam-packed March meeting. After hearing and discussing the financial report, we voted on Children’s Center tuition rates for next year. We talked about updates to staffing as well as planned updates to the physical space, and we agreed to move forward with a donation to Jeff’s Place. We debriefed some of our recent events and fundraisers, and spent a lot of time planning the upcoming spring collection drive, Margaritas fundraiser, teacher appreciation dinner, and 50th anniversary event. April is set to be another busy and productive meeting, so please consider joining us! It will be Thursday April 11th at 7pm in the Playspace.

All the very best,

Regina McNally, Mom of Connor, Little Chick

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