Week of September 24

We had a wonderful week of learning about friendship.  We talked about how to be a good friend.  The books we read were A Best Friend for Frances, My Friend and I, Chester’s Way, You Will Be My Friend, and The Lion and the Mouse.

For art activities, we made a class puzzle.  Everyone decorated their own buzzle piece and when we put it together it represents the whole Owl class!  We also enjoyed making friendship bracelets.  Everyone made a bracelet for a friend and when they were all done, we each picked a bracelet from the bunch to take home.  Some Owls made extra bracelets for their family too!  We have also been singing some songs to help learn each other’s names in the class.

We enjoyed Gym class with coach Kate as well as music with Hugh Hanley.

Next week we will be talking about our families.  We would like to have a family picture from each child to use for a project.  Please send it in as soon as possible.  Thanks!



IMPORTANT INFO: Gym Monday, Tuesday

                             Music Wednesday with Mr. Rob


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