Week of January 29

What a busy week we had!  We started learning about different animals that live in the Arctic and how they adapt to the harsh climate.  We learned about polar bears and snowy owls.  We learned about how they survive in the cold, what they eat, and we measured how big they are.  The adult male polar bears can be almost as tall as the ceiling at school!  We read Powerful Polar Bears, The Polar Bear Report, Amazing arctic Animals, and Arctic Animals.

We decorated large and small polar bear shapes with cotton balls and made snowy owls using paper plates and white feathers.  We also finished painting our northern lights from last week and made individual northern light paintings as well.

We also changed our calendar to a new month!  It feels like we just started January.  Time is going by so fast in the Owl class these days.

On Friday, we read some books about groundhog day.  We also made groundhog shadows by painting around a groundhog shaped stencil.

Another highlight of the week was decorating and playing in a giant refrigerator box!  We had puppet shows, made it a school bus, and even had pretend sleepovers!  Who knew a box could be so much fun.

Gym was Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Next week it will be Monday and Tuesday.

Have a great weekend! GO PATS!

COMING UP: The Arctic (animals), Letter P 

NEXT WEEK:  Next week is Letter P week.  We would like to end the week on Friday with a pajama day and pancake snack.  We would also like to do a project where we decorate pillow cases with fabric markers.  If you could please send in a white or pastel solid colored pillow case for your child to decorate, we would appreciate it!  Please no patterned pillow cases. 

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