Week of January 9

This week we have continued to talk about winter, snow, ice, and cold temperatures in the Puppy room. It was great to have a good snowfall last weekend to really enhance our snow experience! We brought snow into our classroom for the children to play with and we observed the snow melting into water. We also watched the rain and warm temperatures melt all the snow that was covering our playground! We discussed how snowflakes are ice crystals that usually have six sides and fall from the clouds in many different shapes and sizes. We looked at the beauty of snowflakes in several science books and read The Snowy Day, by Jack Ezra Keats. The children created some snowy day paintings at the art table. They also enjoyed creating their own snowmen using different collage materials after we read the book, Snowballs, by Lois Ehlert. In her book, the author uses a variety of different materials to create some fun (and funny) snow people, and the children did as well. As we talked about snowmen we reinforced the concept of small, medium, and large. At circle time we played a snowman counting game and sang some wintry songs.

Next week we’ll have some more winter fun! We hope you have a great weekend!

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